Tim Tebow to sign with The Philadelphia Eagles

Tim Tebow arrives in Philadelphia

With one tweet at 6:34 pm on Sunday evening Jay Glazer of Fox Sports broke the news that QB Tim Tebow will be signing with the Eagles Today.

That was the moment that all Eagles fans and all Tebow and non Tebow fans took a double look at the tweet and checked to see if it was the real Jay Glazer twitter account and said to themselves WHAAAT!!!!

 Eagles fans once again started going off what is Chip doing signing him for we already have Bradford, Sanchez, Barkley, G.J. Kinne and now Tim Tebow but come on now people is it really a surprise with all the moves Chip Kelly has done this off season in trades and signings we are talking about Chip is the only one knows what he his going to do with the Eagles maybe he is tired of going 10-6 the last two seasons with mostly Andy Reid  players yes they were pro blowers but what else have then won?........ Exactly nothing so maybe changing things up a bit will help even though its hard to see right now and maybe even make the team better so why not wait and see how this Eagles roster will look when the season is going to start before you go all crazy I know its tough at times we are fans and 75% of the time we are overreacting about every move that happens that's what we do we are fans but I'm just saying take a breath sit back for a little and just wait and see what happens.

 You know its still the off season the NFL Draft is a  week from this Thursday and who knows who will Chip draft or trade maybe a Qb called Marcus Mariota will be a Eagle by that Friday morning. Now that will be Awesome I for one cant wait to see what happens doing the draft.


Tim Tebow number will be 11.