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BREAKING: Three-time NBA MVP Moses Malone has passed away

Moses Malone

Moses Malone passed away overnight at the age of 60. Malone a Hall of Famer 3-time MVP and 13-time NBA All-Star  played 21-years. Malone played 6 seasons with the Houston Rockets 1976-1982 and 5 seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers. In 1982-1986. He was also the first player to enter the NBA straight out of high school.

Teams Malone Played for:

1974–1975 Utah Stars (ABA), 1975–1976 Spirits of St. Louis (ABA), 1976 Buffalo Braves, 1976–1982 Houston Rockets, 1982–1986 Philadelphia 76ers, 1986–1988 Washington Bullets, 1988–1991 Atlanta Hawks, 1991–1993 Milwaukee Bucks, 1993–1994 Philadelphia 76ers, 1994–1995 San Antonio Spurs.

R.I.P Moses Malone