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Eagles Week 1 Loss to the Falcons

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Okay so The Philadelphia Eagles open the season with a 26-24 loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football. The Eagles did not play the game the way every eagles fan and pretty much every NFL experts expected them too but look on the good side they played better in the 2nd half and almost came out with the win if Parkey would have made that FG to take the lead or if Chip would have just gone for it on 4 and 1 when the team was moving the ball great and had the momentum thats what I would have done if I was playing on madden 16 just saying the offense was moving why kill it by for the FG come on Chip you gotta go there or line up and try to make the falcons jump offsides if not call a time out or just go for QB sneak or give the ball to Murray or Matthews to get ONE yard I mean its ONE yard how hard is that really maybe they should let me call the plays now that would be Awesome well I think so. 

Sam Bradford was ok he didn't start off sharp but got better as the game went on. I don't think Chip should have had him throw so much wished he would have balanced it out some with the run game to help Bradford out  a bit and get some pressure off of him but hey it is what it is. The WR took a little to get synced with Sam in the 1st half also but got better as game went on. Some people were blaming Jordan Matthews for not catching the ball which lead to the INT that ended the game but i believe Bradford as some blame also maybe if he would have thrown it lower Jordan would have caught but we can only say what if now.

Now lets talk about the Defense where can I start Lets go with the D-Line what happen to all the pressure you guys were going to bring and take the QB down with a new O-line that the falcons had you guys were able to get ONE sack thank you Fletcher Cox for that.  Now for Linebackers Thank you to The Legend that is Kiko Alonso for that great one handed Int in the end zone that was a beauty even though you bit a little on the play but were able to adjust  and make that big play. 

Okay now lets talk about the defensive backs position 1st Malcolm Jenkins Dude can you please please work on catching footballs you could have had like 3 ints and dropped them all come on bro can't be doing that CATCH THE BALL so yeah work on that this week you know Romo like to give gifts at times. 

Now lets talk about Mr. 63 million dollar man CB Bryon Maxwell ok I know that the Falcons Head coach Dan Quinn was your coach with the Seahawks and he knows all your weaknesses but dude you didn't have come out and play the way u did giving up 141 yards and 2 td the one and only WR Julio Jones I mean he is good and all but come on you were out there playing like Nnamdi Asomugha or Bradley Fletcher last season vs Dez. 

A little word of advice for Maxwell next you at a post game interview and are told that you let a WR own you the way Julio Jones did last night don't stand the and laugh about I know it might not have been ha ha that funny laugh more like a oooh crap I was the bad laugh next and man do I hope there isn't a next time just man up and say wow I was really that bad and get better man. 

Maxwell don't be that guy....

Well week one is over lets get this lost out of our system there have been teams that lose week 1 and gone on and make the playoffs so lets go and get ready for the 1-0 Dallas Cowboys to come to the Linc in week 2 for a good NFC East match up Lets hope the Eagles will come out ready to Smash the Cowboys and have DeMarco Murray have great game vs his old team.

After a win next week over the Cowboys...