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Colorado Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes arrested for domestic abuse in Hawaii

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Jose Reyes was arrested on Maui for domestic abuse. Jose Reyes, the four-time All-Star, is currently out on bail. Sources say the shortstop for the Colorado Rockies was arrested on Halloween after allegedly assaulting his wife in their Wailea hotel room.  Jose wife reportedly accuses him of grabbing her off the bed and shoving her. She also told police he grabbed her throat and shoved her into into a sliding glass balcony door.

Police came to the hotel and arrested Reyes for abuse. The 32-year-old shortstop’s wife had injuries to her thigh, neck and wrist and was taken to the ER, according to KHNL.

When will these so called Men MAN UP and stop assaulting their Wives and girlfriends this needs to STOP!!!

Let's see if MLB does something better then what the NFL has done to try and stop these abuser